HEDONY is the first e-concept store dedicated to fashion for holiday and leisure, where you can create your ideal suitcase by choosing from a selection of ethical designers from all around the globe.

As he lived in Paris, Oxford, San Francisco and Hong Kong, where he worked as CEO for the high-end fashion brand The Kooples, Pierre CLEMENT feeded himself from discovering new nations and cultures throughout all his travels.

In 2022, after the pandemic, he felt it was time to let his desire for discovery and hedonism resurface and combine it with his experience in the fashion industry. And so, he settled back in Paris, la capitale mondiale de la mode, to create HEDONY.

At HEDONY, we aim to make you shine! We want you to feel confident, beautiful and elegant at any time and for every activity. Thus, we provide you with the best selection of clothing and accessories for your next getaway from home and your leisure time.


Because you are unique, we believe that your wardrobe should also be built in your image. To make sure you don't look nor feel like anyone else, we work with designers who benefit from an international reputation in the resort, ski and activewear categories, but are yet to be discovered in Europe.

We assemble a complete and not seasonal offer from the best of these brands. Our curation of designers combine creativity and quality, durability and elegance, and even a touch of audacity. All of them are known for using certified, natural and even recycled materials, carrying sustainability at the very heart of their business.



Provide the best fashion offer for all destinations and activities

Ensure best-in class customer experience

Always inspire our beloved clientele

Advocate for more ethical and sustainable choices of consumption