we believe inspiration is the fastest way we humans have to dream, to escape and to be transported to wonderful places. Places whose essence fills one’s soul and whose beauty we would like to absorb and keep forever. Places we would like to visit to feel the happiness and optimism we sometimes miss in our daily life. Because it is exactly in the moments we do not consider a routine, but a break from it, that we enjoy ourselves to the fullest. The question is, why not make these moments an everyday lifestyle?


was created in 2022 as an answer to this question. We aim to inspire a beautiful lifestyle by offering the best selections for all types of vacation. Through our e-store, featuring luxury creators all around the world, we connect exclusive brands and products with sartorially savvy customers looking for the perfect ethical balance between quality and design. With passion, excellence, elegance and impact at the heart of every action we undertake, our goal is to become the most curated destination to acquire the perfect wardrobe for vacation and leisure.

Our name, HEDONY,

perfectly reflects who we are. It arises from the union of two words: hedonism, which is the quest for pleasure and the avoidance of pain, and holiday. Indeed, we offer an “A” grade, painless, experience and three kinds of added pleasures for our customers' vacation and leisure time: the pleasure of curated content that inspires, the pleasure of quality and sustainable designer pieces for every occasion and the pleasure of feeling beautiful, empowered and confident.